Cucciddatu is a durum wheat semolina bread in the shape of a donut, a typical bread of the region of Catania with a crunchy crust and a soft but compact crumb. Buy it hot in an oven you’ll find on your way and then cunzavi it with oil, salt, oregano, caciocavallo, or dried tomato. The cucciddatu scaniatu takes its name from (scaniare – from the Sicilian to knead, remodel).

But of the cucciddatu scaniatu recipe from Scicli there is also a version with ricotta and a mixed version of ricotta and sausage. In ancient times when home bread was made, the left-over from the processing was used for the cucciddati. The leftover bread dough was re-kneaded, scaniaed with the addition of grated caciocavallo , pepper and lard. The dough was pinched in the shape of a donut and was then seasoned with ricotta and sausage. It was left to rise a second time and then it was baked in the oven.