Calia e Simenza

Calia e Simenza. The Calia is a typical product of Catania and Sicily that is prepared both in winter and in summer, but above all during the patronal feasts. This vegan delicacy of Sicilian culinary tradition includes peanuts, chickpeas, and pumpkin seeds. that are roasted, salted, and mixed. The pumpkin seeds are dried naturally. Immediately after harvesting, the pumpkins are deprived of their seeds which are spread on large sheets exposed to the sun.

After several days of continuous exposure to the sun, the seeds are ready. Part of these are sprinkled with coarse salt for the production of the “salty” type, the remainder is immediately placed in huge jute sacks and destined for sale. Usually, calia and simenza are sold by street vendors (u siminzaru) who prepare them on the spot and are then eaten on the street, still warm and crunchy. On sale at their stalls there is u scacciu, a set of dried fruit that is the best pair of Calia e Simenza.