Docalquadrato (Wine)

Docalquadrato is a wine shop that boasts a portfolio of over 1000 references from the territory but also national and international. We provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase typical quality products such as jams, jams, sweet creams, chocolate, sauces, sauces, small pastries, panettone, cold cuts, cheeses, preserves and much more.

Mission of this place? To break the misconception that good food and good wine are only for a small niche of people. To focus on the quality of the products and build the loyalty of suppliers, allowing all customers to enjoy high-level products regardless of the possibility of spending.

The choice of raw materials used with respect and care for the preparation of the dishes and the selection of wines, spirits, and typical products are ensured by the experience and many years of training in the field. There are many items produced on a personalized recipe that is marketed under the brand of Docalquadrato – Wine and food experience. A wine bar, a wine shop and a restaurant all in one. More