Winedering around

Winedering around. Step one, Italy. Step two, Sicily. Step three, Food. Step four, Wine !! Sicily is a wine land. The whole island has 23 Denominazioni di Origine (DOC), and one DOCG and can be divided broadly into four geographical regions. One of them is the region of Etna.

“Etna’s main grapes are Nerello Mascalese for red and Carricante for white. The former has been compared to both Barolo (Nebbiolo) and red Burgundy (Pinot Noir) for its transmission of terroir, depending on where it’s grown on the mountain. At warmer, lower altitudes, Nerello manifests as burly and tannic.  As elevations climb up to 3,600 feet, where acidity increases and temperatures fall, wines turn taut and ethereal. Soil variation further alters flavor, concentration, and texture. It’s a wine for those who appreciate singularity and vintage variation over consistency.” (

Getting to know this magnificent island through its wines can be a challenge. What can make the challenge easier is guessed it. A guided tour. Winedering offers more than 30 different wine tours that can cover all tastes and peculiarities. More