Meggyleves. Another soup? You’ve got to be kidding. Well no. Obviously, Hungarians love soups. This is not however your usual Hungarian soup perfect for a chill winter evening. This is a summer soup. It is also delicious and pretty out of the ordinary. Meggyleves is a sweet and sour cherry soup with variations including soups made of cherries, peaches, and raspberries, depending on the time and hence the harvest. Cherry harvest takes place at the end of spring, the beginning of summer. So it goes without saying that that is the perfect season for you to taste this dish.

At Bistro Fine you’ll find Hungarian and international specialties.  The focus is on creativity and a colourful world of flavours.That concept is also reflected in their daily menus and the creation of their seasonal a’ la carte offer. That’s where you can find this dish. If you’re not visiting the time of cherry harvest then you’ll surely find something to temp your taste buds. This place also caters to the needs of gluten and lactose intolerant guests when creating its dishes. Their unique “Enomatic” wine dispensing system allows you to taste over a hundred different local and foreign wine specialties, and they will happily open a bottle for tasting that you’ll only be able to buy by the bottle elsewhere.