Libacomb. It wouldn’t really make any sense if one just produced foie gras and threw away the rest of the bird without making good use of it. After all both duck and goose are a favorite for many meat lovers. It is then only natural that Hungarian cuisine has many recipes that include both birds. Arguably the most popular of them is goose leg roasted in the oven and served with steamed red cabbage and sautéed potatoes mashed up with onions.

The ‘Kacsa’ (Duck) Restaurant is situated in Buda in the heart of Víziváros spreading at the feet of Castle Hill on the corner of Fő and Kacsa streets. Víziváros (Watertown) owes its name to being part of the strategic waterways in Roman times with its vivid harbor and bustling commerce.It still preserves the atmosphere of the old times with narrow alleyways in many places.

The restaurant having been in operation for more than fifty years is established in one of these tarnished buildings. In 1987 it was the first restaurant in private ownership in Budapest. The place offers typical Hungarian dishes besides the main specialties of the restaurant, the famous duck meals, which are served with an excellent selection of wine exclusively originating from Hungarian wine cellars.