Bar à Vin

Bar à Vin. To sample the delights of new wine, receive advice on an appellation or a vintage, or simply enjoy a glass of Bordeaux in a wonderful setting dedicated to Bacchus: the Bar à Vin is the place to go. The entire Bordeaux range – reds, dry and sweet whites, rosés, clarets, and sparkling wines – can be sampled in a setting that has been specially designed to take you on a voyage of discovery through the wine appellations of Bordeaux.

The numerous appellations and diversity of the Bordeaux vineyard are well represented on the Bar à Vin list. Frequently updated, the list always offers a selection of thirty wines: reds, dry and sweet whites, rosés, clarets and sparkling wines. The wines are served exclusively by the glass, in high-quality glasses suited to each type of wine. Every wine is presented with an information sheet.

The young sommeliers will be sure to share their passion for the wines of Bordeaux and help choose a wine that suits your tastes. Wines may also be accompanied by local delicacies: cheeses, cold meats, and chocolates. Children and non-drinkers have not been forgotten; the Bar à Vin also offers a selection of mineral waters and grape juice – from Bordeaux, naturally. More