Shop like a Bordelais

Shop like a Bordelais. I have some more money left (really??). Where do I spend it? Well even if you don’t spend your money it’s always fun to mingle a little bit with the city’s vibrant shopaholics. A good idea would be to start with something quaint, and extraordinary just to wake up the consuming beast you’re trying to subdue. like a Bordelais villagenotredame

The area around Rue Bouffard, Rue des Remparts & Rue Notre Dame market is known as the village of Notre Dame where more than 30 antique shops guarantee you will find an antique that fulfills your strange appetites. In case you are interested in finding ammunition for an assault on French cuisine, meaning you have the time to cook something, Marche Capucins or les Capus between St. Jean station & Place de la Victorie is the place for you. If it’s good for local restauranteurs it’s good for you.

Place de la Victorie is the lively & youthful square with the red marble obelisk, the meeting point of the young folk, starting point of St.Catherine Street (Sainte Catherine), the main pedestrianized shopping street of the city with 1.2 km of commercial shops leading to Place de la Comédie ( Grand Theatre ).