Pfannkuchen is Berlin’s own version of a donut. In other parts of Germany, these are often to be found under the names “Krapfen” or “Berliner”. However, the idea that one Berliner would eat another Berliner is rather alarming, which is why using this word is actually not in wide use in the German capital. Pfannkuchen can be filled with delicious jam, plum jam, custard cream, eggnog, you name it.

According to the legend the delicious Berliner was first introduced in Berlin around 1750: A confectioner who was supposed to serve as a gunner for the Prussian king and had proved to be unfit for military service remained with the army as a field baker. He formed cannon balls out of yeast dough and baked them in a kettle with hot fat. With or without a filling, it is always a pastry that is baked in fat. Pork lard was originally used, today it is usually vegetable oil.