Apfelstrudel. Apple strudel is arguably the most popular dessert in the German-speaking world. This omnipresent sweet is filled with apples, raisins, and breadcrumbs. Sour apple varieties, called “Strudler”, are particularly suitable. The apple strudel probably has its roots in the Arab and Turkish regions.


Empress Maria Theresa made the strudel socially acceptable. The secret of a really good apple strudel lies in the preparation of the dough: it is pulled out before filling – this means that the dough is pulled as big as needed with the hands. And it should be so thin that you could read a newspaper underneath it through it. Today the apple strudel is served warm, cold or warmed up afterwards. And: You can serve it with vanilla sauce, vanilla ice cream and / or whipped cream. The original is exclusively sweetened with powdered icing sugar on top.