Paling in ‘t groen

Paling in ‘t groen or Stewed eel in chervil sauce is one of the most traditional dishes you can taste in Antwerp.The chervil sauce can contain lots of green herbs like sage, ginger mint and oregano that are chopped and brewed along with the fish until the stew takes its characteristic green color. The dish can be eaten hot or cold accompanied by the omnipresent in Belgium fries. Pair it with some Belgian beer or an Alsace wine and you’ll feel an unknown Flemish part of yourself awaking.


In Het Nieuwe Palinghuis you can find just about all the goodies that can be found in the North Sea: turbot, ray, green eel, mussels, oysters, homemade shrimp croquettes, … Everyone will find something to their liking! And one of their specialties is the aforementioned.