Moules frites

Clams are very much appreciated in Belgian cuisine & even more in Antwerp’s local menus. Steamed or cooked with onion & celery & served with fries this particular recipe is considered a national & not only a local dish.‘Moules-frites’ & many other different variations of clam recipes can be found in most if not all the city’s restaurants & are considered a must taste in Antwerp.

Moules Frites

For some of the best Moules-Frites in Antwerp try Café Restaurant Bourla. Bourla is housed in a majestic building on the even more spectacular Graanmarkt. Yet the atmosphere is casual, the prices are decent and the celebrities are numerous.

Young and old, businessmen and artists, shoppers and theatergoers… everyone feels at home here, they have their regular spot, they eat their favorite dish. Increasingly more visitors from outside of the city find their way to the Graanmarkt, behind the Bourla theatre, and mix effortlessly with the locals.