De Baron B & B Antwerpen (5 Star Hotel)

The grand mansion, in which De Baron is located dates from 1860; you will get a kind of feeling of its fashionableness the moment you go through the impressive front door. In the spacious vestibule which formerly served as an entrance for horse and carriage, you are welcomed by the beautiful statue ‘De Handwerper’.

Competing with this sculpture your attention will certainly be drawn by the splendid chandelier and many other antique valuables. The three-story mansion has been carefully kept in its original state and has besides the deluxe suites also a historical breakfast room and a reception room. There are also a few private rooms.

Thanks to the high ceilings and large windows the light is everywhere very pleasant, and due to the many antique paintings, mirrors and trinkets an own, a charming atmosphere is created. As the number of deluxe suites is limited to three, you are always a guest of honor and assured of well-deserved privacy and restfulness. More