Dutch cheese

Dutch cheese. Everyone in the world loves Dutch cheese & that’s why it’s one of the most distinct & exportable goods of the country. The Netherlands is the largest cheese exporter in the world. Gouda & Edam are the most famous of the Dutch Kaas but there are countless other types of cheese you can taste when you are in Amsterdam & decide for yourself which is your favorite. There are several cheese markets you can sample the jong(young) mild & creamy or oud (old) mature & sharper in taste varieties, or goat cheeses that are also very popular.

Dutch cheeseDutch cheese

You can even buy a hand-crafted farmer’s cheese at an Amsterdam Market Stand at one of many Noordermarkt Farmers’ Markets or choose to be informed first by going in the Cheese Museum of Amsterdam . Next to the floating flower market there are many cheese shops as there are in the district of Jordaan.

Dutch cheesehttp://www.cheesemuseumamsterdam.com/